The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in our parish on the last Saturday of the month at 3.00pm except at Easter when the sacrament is celebrated during the Easter Vigil. A pre-baptismal meeting is held the previous week at 7.30pm in the parish centre.

When parents wish to present their child for Baptism they are invited to contact Kim (Secretary) at the Parish Office, (01) 820 5480. Kim will discuss the dates of Baptism, take the initial information and arrange a meeting with the *Parish Baptism Team.

The policy of the parish is to have a number of children baptised together to create a true sense of joining a community of believers. Single baptisms are not encouraged.

*The Parish Baptism Team is a group of volunteers who serve to welcome and prepare families in advance of the day of baptism and attend the liturgy itself. They are a sign that baptism is never just a private family occasion but the parish and the universal Church also share in the rejoicing and responsibilities of having a new disciple.

Current member of our Baptism Team are:

Sr. Ignatius, Mary Duffy, Kim Geoghegan & Julie May Morris.

For adults who which to receive baptism, enrolment is required in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) programme. We invite you to make contact with the parish secretary or one of the parish team.

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Baptism Enquiry Form

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Parents who wish to have their children baptised

The baptism of babies depends, not on the faith of the baby, but rather on the faith of the parents. It is presumed therefore that the parents (or at least one of them) are practising members of the Catholic community and that the child will be brought up in the practice of the faith. In fact, the parents solemnly promise to do this during the baptismal ceremony.


  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate is required in order to accurately register the baptism.
  • A copy of the baptismal cert of at least one parent is required.

Choosing a Godparent

Godparents have a two-fold responsibility:

  • To assist the parents in discharging their duties as Christian parents
  • To be a model of Christian living to the child in question

Hence some people may not be suitable as godparents.

A Godparent must be

  • Not less than 16 years of age
  • Be a catholic who has been confirmed and has received the blessed Eucharist, and lives a life of faith.

A baptised person who belongs to a non-catholic community may be admitted but only in company with a catholic godparent and simply as a witness to the baptism.

At least 4 weeks’ notice is required unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which case please contact the Parish Office.


You can download the Baptism Preparation Leaflet by clicking on the link: Being Baptised