If you are planning to marry in the Parish of St. Luke the Evangelist – congratulations. Your desire to marry in Church is your invitation to Christ to be at the heart of your relationship. Your wedding day is as special and as individual as you are. Everything about it should reflect your uniqueness, especially your ceremony. This is the one day in your lives when you have the opportunity to publicly express your love and make your own special promises and vows to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following information will be of benefit to you in a practical way as you prepare for your marriage.

Fixing the Date

When deciding on a date, please bear in mind that civil and church law require a minimum of (3) three months notice of your intention to marry. In cases where dispensations are required, a minimum of (6) six months notice of intention to marry is required by diocesan rules.

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Like any major life decision, marriage requires thought and preparation. A Pre-Marriage Preparation Course is a useful way of taking time as a couple to reflect on the important life choice you are about to make. Courses are conducted by trained facilitators who explore the various aspects in preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.

ACCORD is the marriage care and support agency of the Dublin Archdiocese that runs these courses. ACCORD may be contacted at Tel: (01) 478 4400 or at www.accord.ie. It is strongly recommended that couples to be married in our parish have completed a pre-marriage course.

Documentation Required

  • A Baptismal Certificate issued within (6) six months of the proposed date of marriage.
  • A Confirmation Certificate (separate certificate if not recorded on baptismal certificate)
  • A Declaration of Freedom to Marry or a Letter of Freedom is required if you have lived for more than (6) six months outside the parish of St. Luke the Evangelist since you were (18) eighteen years of age.
  • If a mixed marriage; permission or a dispensation from the bishop is necessary.

Your local priest should complete with you your Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form which both you and your partner must sign.

Civil Law Requirements

It is also necessary to comply with the civil law in Ireland in order for your marriage to be registered. Couples must arrange to meet in person a civil registrar at least (3) three months before the wedding. In advance of meeting the registrar, book the church and know the name of the priest (solemniser) who has agreed to celebrate the Marriage.

The Registrar of Marriages can be contacted at Joyce House, 8/11Lombard Street, Dublin 2. Tel: (01) 6787114 or at www.groireland.com

The Ceremony

Marriage in the Catholic tradition is normally celebrated in the context of a Mass. While this has generally been the custom, it may not always be appropriate; for example in a “mixed” marriage or when a couple is not attending Mass regularly. Some couples today find the celebration of Marriage without the Eucharist, to be more appropriate for them. This can be discussed with a member of the parish team who will happily assist you in every aspect of preparing for your big day.

During the days before the marriage, it is recommended that couples prepare spiritually by receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Marriages on Sundays, Holy days and some special Church celebrations (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Feast of All Souls) are not permitted in this Diocese.

Church Expenses

We, in the Parish of St Luke the Evangelist, pride ourselves in making every effort to have the church building and grounds as welcoming as possible. This involves heating, lighting as well as insurance cover for you and your guests. It is customary to make an offering in appreciation and to defray the cost of the facilities provided. The suggested offering is €350.00 which includes an offering to the priest of this parish. This is separate to any arrangement that you may make with a priest who is not of this parish but is presiding at your wedding.

Our volunteer sacristans give up their time to assist in preparing the church for your wedding. Accordingly it is suggested that a gratuity of €50 be made to the sacristan.

It is helpful to have these offerings placed in envelopes, clearly marked and given to the priest before the ceremony.